GOTW Reflection: Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen was very fun! I was a lady, and I had a great time getting into character with my fellow ladies, Logan and Aaron. My gentleman and I kind of blew everyone out of the water with our secret hack: the servants!!! Logan and Aaron at the end were like HOW DID YOU GET SO MANY SERVANTS, Aaron definitely thought he was going to win and was surprised that Charlotte and I came out on top.

I didn’t really find any part of the game “hard” per se, but I suppose the most difficult part was choosing which category was going to be available in my storefront, that was the least straightforward for me.

As for leadership, this game is definitely about teamwork between each lady and their gentleman! Charlotte made it incredibly easy for me from her stock success, she bought almost everything I asked for, and we excelled. I tried to pick and choose which items/servants to ask for to accommodate money, and valued the ones I thought would end up with the most victory points at the end.

I think my family might enjoy this game- I’ll consider bringing it into the foray! The partner mechanic is definitely a favorite of ours, switching up the whole game is easy by just switching partners. I think Alyssa’s comment in class about it maybe getting boring after a few plays is valid- but you can always switch sides and partners to keep it interesting! I liked this game 🙂