GOTW Reflection: Blood on the Clocktower

Ooooh whee Blood on the clocktower was pretty fun. My first time playing it was at Meeples the Tuesday before we played it in class, and to be honest, I was almost completely lost the first time. Alyssa and I talked about it afterwards and agreed that playing with so many skilled players at hyper speed was definitely a trial by fire and I burnt (I was killed the first night and never even got to use my power- gravedigger lol). It was still fun watching everyone work things out thought!

Playing in class with mostly beginners was a lot more fun. I was the Baron, and while I did not win, I got a lot closer to it! The evil team, ring-lead by Logan (though Logan was not the imp) did a pretty decent job of convincing the villagers of our side, or at least confusing them at times. I think unfortunately our other two red team, as newbies, gave some things away or didn’t have the strategies to employ, which is NOT their fault and I still had a great time! The hardest part of this game was, as the evil team, deciding what narrative you were going to push and what story you need to make come to life, because you have to decide that pretty early on so you can all get your story straight and confuse the good team!

This game is alllll about teamwork and working together cohesively. I think leaders usually emerge, like Logan was a leader for my evil team as the rest of us had less experience, but they’re not necessary- in my Meeples game I think almost everyone was running their own agenda! Blood on the clocktower encourages all styles of teamwork.

I’m 0-2 on this game, but I would absolutely play it again! I think it would get better the more I play it, and gain an understanding on more of the characters and possible situations and everything else. I think it would probably be too complicated to introduce to my family, but maybe some of my friends. Those friends being Logan, Aaron, and Alyssa, and I know already that they like it. But yeah.