Material-Less Activity

Game name: What Do You Mean
Number of players: 4-7
Time length: 2 to 4 minutes depending on players

How to play:

One person has to think of a word or a phrase without telling it to the group, like homework, or listening to music. All players have to stand in a line, and the first person has to be the person with the word in mind. The method used to pass on the word is by making actions and only the first person behind you is allowed to see your actions, BUT same actions are not allowed, which means players can’t copy the actions from the players they see. All players should start by closing their eyes to prevent any cheating tings, and tap on the person behind you when you are ready to show them your actions. For example, if I am the second person and the first person has shown me the actions, and I am ready to show my actions to the third person I can tap on his/her shoulder and then do whatever I need to do.

When the game starts, no one is allowed to say anything until the last person guesses and says a word, which means the game has ended. And depending on whether the last person guesses correctly or not, the game can be determined as win or lose.

One learning outcome players should gain after playing the game is improving their memorization skills because they need to remember the actions they see, and they are also expected to brainstorm when they see other people’s actions and think about their own. The last learning outcome is practicing critical thinking skills because players have to process the actions they see and catch the most identical things and relate them to one or more objects.


If the first person wants other players to guess “water”, then drinking water from a water fountain may be a good idea to act out.

If the word is “smart phone”, the action of calling someone or playing mobile games may be some good ideas to use.