Game Reflection: Pandemic/Forbidden Island

I played two games this week, and they were Pandemic and Forbidden Island. But in this blog, I am going to focus on Forbidden Island. The hardest part about this game is to think ahead and decide what you want to do. Forbidden Island is a team game where if one person dies the game is over, so when I was playing this game I was very careful with all the steps I had to make which took me a lot of time to think through. However, the time for us to play was very limited so I was also worried that our group would not be able to finish in time.

As for leadership concepts, I think a leader in this game is very important because this is a 4-player game and people’s thoughts are usually not the same which could be a potential problem in this game. But if there is a leader that can lead the group to make some decisions when the group struggles, it can really help the game to process better. My friend Cam would enjoy playing this game because he likes to think before he makes any decisions. He is also good at critical thinking which is a very necessary skill to have when playing this game.

Our group started playing Forbidden Island before any other groups, and we finished in around 30 minutes which I was not expecting to be that quick. Then we started to play Pandemic and that game lasted till the end of our class. The part I loved the most was how we finished the game, Forbidden Island, so quickly which made the second game, Pandemic, seem to be “so” long! There was nothing in this session that I didn’t like, and I think it was fun and enjoyable because it was not an intense game.