Game Reflection: Mysterium

The game we played this week was Mysterium, and the hardest part of this game was trying to understand why the ghost, the person behind the board, gave you these cards. I played a very similar game before with my friends, and that was easier because I knew what my friends were thinking about. However, this is my first time playing this type of game with my classmates who I never talked to before, so it took me a long time to figure out what the ghost was thinking.

There were two leadership concepts tied into this game: comprehensive thinking and paying attention to details. In this game, all players had to think comprehensively so that no component was left out, and details were very important in this game too. For example, one of the characters in this game is a chef with a chef cap, and there is a card that has a fork and a knife. Therefore, if the players paid attention to the details on this card then they may be able to guess the character they get is the chief.

I think all people who like reasoning and psychology would like this game because the most important strategy of this game is to analyze the ghost’s mind and thoughts and make your decisions accordingly. I think someone who learns psychology would be really good at this game and also enjoy playing it.

Some parts of the game were already set up before the class started, and some parts had to be set up depending on the number of people playing the game. When all the setup processes were done, we started our first round and the ghost gave different cards to everyone. Then we made our actions and got some feedback from the ghost, and the first couple of 2 or 3 rounds all of us didn’t get anything right. And when the ghost first nodded meaning someone was right about their answers, we were so happy! This is also the part I like about this game, I saw and felt teamwork, and everyone in the group was trying to help each other to figure out and provide thoughts on what they may want to consider. The part I disliked about this game was the sand clock did not make any sound, therefore, when we were focused on understanding the cards none of us would pay attention to the sand clock. I would suggest bringing some alarms when playing this game so that nobody would ever ignore and forget the time limit. But overall, this is one of the games I like the most in this class.