Fiasco Playset: Viridian’s Last Mission

In the World of Viridian’s Last Mission, high fantasy meets classic spy and heist movies. Megalomaniacal villains vie for world domination, while international intelligence agencies send in secret agents to thwart their plans, with no shortage of high-tech gadgets, death-defying stunts, and high-stakes games of baccarat. At the core of the world, however, is magic: Whether that be arcane-powered technology, minotaurs and goblins populating the cities, or a family of powerful elvish druids, secretly sealing away a nightmarish power that’s ripe for exploitation by an enterprising villain.

Your game may lean more into the supernatural and fantastical elements, or stay more grounded in classic super spy troupes. Whatever direction your Fiasco ends up spiraling, I hope this setting provides great inspiration for your games.

This document is based on a world I created for an old fan project. The specifics of that project aren’t super important, but if you’re wondering where the name came from, it’s there.