Game Reflection: Fiasco1

The game we played this week was Fiasco part 1, and we started by rolling dice and setting up some necessary elements, like locations, objects, and characters’ relationships. While we were setting up the elements, we also had to write them down on index cards. There was one more card for each person to write down some other detailed information and goals. After setting up everything, we moved on to Act One and Act Two. The steps in these two acts were the same: each player had to start or end a scene in two rounds. If a player decides to start a scene, then this player can set up the scene and other players can decide if the scene is going to end good or bad. But if a player decides to end a scene, then other players can set up the scene for this player and he/she can decide if the scene is going to end good or bad.

The hardest part of this game for me was to understand the rules and things I needed to do. I was very confused while reading the rules and during the setup sections. The whole process of rolling the dice and selecting only the numbers that appeared to be set up was a little confusing. However, after seeing how other players did and trying once on my own, it became more reasonable. I think this game taught me to think from other people’s perspectives, and it is a very important skill of leadership. Leaders usually have to consider everyone’s thoughts and ideas before making decisions so that their final decisions are comprehensive. Therefore, it is very important for leaders to understand why some people have these thoughts and why others think in another way.

I think my friend Landis would enjoy playing the game because he loves to come up with very interesting stories. He is also very creative, so his stories may be very intriguing and I think he can also help other players to come up with some great scenes when they run out of ideas. I really like this game when I let other players set up the scene for me because other players usually have some ideas that I never thought of, and I am very interested to hear these ideas and maybe add a little of my ideas during the acting part. The part I don’t like about this game is sometimes it is too hard to end the scene with a bad ending, especially during the first 1 and 2 rounds, and that is another reason why I want other people to set up the scene so that I can choose how to end.