Fiasco Week 1

The First week of Fiasco was a clear demonstration of how the game earned its name. Fiasco is a game that is completely bound only by the creativity of the players in the group. played in groups of 3-5, Fiasco follows a timeline of act 1, where players develop their relationships, start forming plans to achieve their goals, or do whatever they want to irregardless of their wants or needs because they can. A tilt that throws a wrench in peoples plans through numerous possibilities, an Act two where you make the final sprint towards your endgame, and an aftermath that decides your fate.

Our group chose the Suburbia start and I was designated as the principal of an Elementary School who was also a registered sex offender, a weird combination that perfectly communicates the adult nature of the game. Others in the group included a coke addict accountant, a science teacher drug dealer, and a drug user police officer who was in love with me. The start of the game was quite awkward as it took the group quite a while to get into the headspace required for this game but after some time had past, a sense of familiarity helped us become more comfortable after a few rounds.

Our group had two players who were for all intensive purposes followers and two group members who were leaders in directing the plot and helping the followers design scenes for their characters. This leadership through the game developed naturally as players less used to role playing games were more stuck in the mud than those of us used to them. At the end of Week 1 we approached the Tilt and this threw a wrench in our game, as intended. A drug induced paranoia and a love spurned is something that awaits us for week 2 and I greatly look forward towards it.