Fiasco Pt:1

In the first week of play, Fiasco proved to me two things roleplaying games are basically improv with more structure and Fiasco has the least possible structure while still being a game. I found that its lack of structure and its lack of a GM led to very interesting situations where different leadership styles came to light.

This game is basically an improv performance that is thrown together by people that don’t necessarily know each other well. This led to instances where creative visions might be challenged but didn’t result in disputes. The levity that the game offers through the route of play allows the players to avoid direct confrontation in interest of smooth gameplay experiences.

I struggled at first with how broad the start of play is. “Establishing” is an intimidating task especially if you are the first to go. As play progressed this became easier and easier as the story seemed to form around itself. To tie this to my struggles with writing I have found the hardest part for me is starting and declaring a direction to head down. I will put off writing for weeks-months only to finally sit down and do the work and find it takes less time than expected. I learned through playing Fiasco that sometimes the hardest part is just starting.