Game of the Week Blog Reflection 5: Fiasco Week 2

The second week of the Fiasco game went a lot better. The second week of the game is easier than the first week because you have previous experience and a general direction. In this game, everyone no longer feels strange before, so everyone’s conversations are more arbitrary. By the second week, I think the difficult part of the game has changed. Before, it was difficult to come up with a suitable scene, but the first task after that was not only to come up with a suitable scene but also to try to achieve what I wanted. The direction of development. In our game, it never occurred to me before that there could be a gunfight and that it could end up causing death. But I didn’t realize it at the time, I was thinking about how I was supposed to let the public know that I was innocent when I was done with a criminal, and the sheriff who worked in the police department until he retired wanted to plan a crime instead. And my brother always believed in me unconditionally, supported me, and ended up getting a gunshot wound to keep me safe. Even though it’s just a game, it’s really sad.

I think this game is perfect for a big party because it’s like watching a movie with different writers choreographing it together. In this process, you can feel the different personalities, ways of thinking, and new ideas of different people. I’m really looking forward to playing this game with my roommate someday, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun because we get to know each other better and can joke around with each other. We used to play Monopoly together a lot, and some roommates would really want to win but never win, and then the roommate would say he didn’t want to win it was just a game. It always made us laugh because we all knew he was pretending not to care. And Fiasco’s final outcome is determined by the final dice, which means that the outcome will develop in unexpected directions.

I love that there aren’t too many rules in this game, which makes each game and process unique. And the ending of the story is determined by the dice, which means we have no right to decide the outcome. I feel like it’s like real life, all we have to do is enjoy the moment and don’t care too much about how things end. But what I don’t really like about this game is that we need to direct and act. I don’t know why doing this part keeps feeling weird to me. I think it’s fun to watch someone else play it, but it’s weird to play it yourself. And as we ended up discussing after class, it’s still hard to verbalize how the game should be played after the game is over. So if in the future I want to invite some friends to play, I don’t know how to describe how this game works