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Game of the Week Blog Reflection 10: Ladies & Gentlemen

I think gender stereotypes are well represented in games. The game we played together this week, Ladies & Gentlemen, is sure to upend the perception of women who have played the game. In fact, with the exception of board games, women are consistently undervalued in video games, both in terms of interest in games and the skill of playing them. In classes other than 290, I once discussed with my peers in an education class about gender in STEM literacy education. We mentioned that very few women receive games as gifts and even many women never receive games as gifts. There are even differences in the types of games, such as cooking games, dressing up Barbie is the type of games that girls should play. The gunfight, the King of Fighters is a game suitable for boys. That’s why Ladies & Gentlemen amazes me so much. The game exploits once stereotypes about the gender of men and women. In the game, gentlemen need to get up early every day and work hard to find resources and make money. Ladies should choose clothes that suit them and highlight their economic status, and compare their accessories with other ladies.

This game brought me a lot of laughs. Because there are only two women in our group plus me, and both of us are playing “gentlemen” in the game. This means that there are three men who need to “put on a lady’s skirt”. When watching them show off to each other whose husband bought the most things; comparing who is the most beautiful woman, the contrast is really funny. And this game both requires business strategy and shopping dress up. So both boys and girls can find fun in this game. During the game, some boys said that they finally realized the fun of shopping. For me, I can also realize the status of men at home. Not only did it make me think that women may not be the only victims when we talk about gender stereotypes. People take it for granted when the “husband” is working hard as a man. Especially after the game was over, our professor mentioned that the game was designed by women, and I became more admirable for this game. The game addresses issues of social justice in a joyful way and allows people of different genders to actually experience life in each other’s shoes. I think this game has deep meaning in addition to bringing joy to everyone, and I will definitely bring this game to more friends around me.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 7: Two Rooms and A Boom!

Two Room and a Boom is my favorite game so far in the course. There are so many elements in it that make me change my view of the game as just relaxing or wasting time. This game made me feel the importance of leadership, strategy development, team communication and not compromising physical health.

First of all, there are many different roles, but each team has a leader, and this role of the leader can be passed on to the next player. I think this has a very important impact on leadership development. As we were playing the game I observed that since leadership roles are transferable, this gives many members the opportunity to experience leadership. And because the setting of this game requires constant exchange of players in two “rooms”, I think everyone does not need to worry about the physical harm caused by sitting for a long time while focusing on playing the game. This is a very shocking point for me when the game is in progress because almost all the games I have participated in are played while sitting in a fixed position. Secondly, I really like one of the gray character cards, called “The Gambler”, because it fits my personality very much, and I really like watching the progress of both sides and guessing where things are going. This is also a very shocking point for me that this game can have so many different characters, which can satisfy the fun of playing this game for people with different personalities.

This is a very exciting game that gave me an unforgettable gaming experience. The only downside is that this game has a minimum range of 6 people. Due to the diversity of its characters, I guess the game will be more interesting with more people, but in everyday life, it is difficult to get together such a large number of people to play with I think.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 6 Mental Blocks

In week six, we formed groups of six for Mental Blocks. In the beginning, Ian introduced the rules of this game to everyone, and each of us will be assigned to different angles of graphics. Four of them will be assigned to the distribution area and range of color. The remaining two people will get the structure diagram of the figure without color, and the two people’s perspectives are different. We need to build the final graphics in a limited time, usually a minute if I recall correctly and everyone agrees. I think what makes this game more interesting is that there are different rules on each card, for example, you can only touch the triangle directly this round; you can only touch grey this round. This meant that everyone needed teamwork and communication to build the final graphics together. This effectively prevents one team member from taking on all the roles. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the game. I think it’s a great idea to not directly state that everyone should be involved in the game, but to use additional rules to help everyone work as a team.

We started the game after a brief understanding and communication of how the game was played. I think for this game, the larger the number of people, the more difficult the game will be. Because we often hear one person say, “This graphic is the same as mine,” and then hear another person say, “But this graphic is different from me.” When everyone is actively participating in the game I often get lost in everyone’s words because everyone is talking at the same time, I try to capture everyone’s voice but I can’t. But we improved as the game progressed. We decided that the priority was that the person who got the graph structure would first build the structure using a single color graph. This reduces everyone’s arguments and increases the time to think while watching fellow builds. This method makes our next game easier and much more effective. We can complete various tasks in an orderly manner. I remember we spent a minute and a half solving puzzles in the first round of the game. Although our time was up, we decided to go ahead and see how much time we needed. But when we have a plan, we can quickly speculate on the final outcome. I remember one time when we got the card after the first two people finished building, everyone behind them agreed on the final answer. We only spent less than thirty seconds. This makes everyone happy and feels like everyone is starting to blend in as a group.

After the game, I think this game can be a great help for group activities in learning teamwork. For example, this game can be played when the work unit is holding a team building. This game allows everyone to improve their teamwork skills while having fun. And I think this method can also reduce the occurrence of conflicts among the team.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 5: Fiasco Week 2

The second week of the Fiasco game went a lot better. The second week of the game is easier than the first week because you have previous experience and a general direction. In this game, everyone no longer feels strange before, so everyone’s conversations are more arbitrary. By the second week, I think the difficult part of the game has changed. Before, it was difficult to come up with a suitable scene, but the first task after that was not only to come up with a suitable scene but also to try to achieve what I wanted. The direction of development. In our game, it never occurred to me before that there could be a gunfight and that it could end up causing death. But I didn’t realize it at the time, I was thinking about how I was supposed to let the public know that I was innocent when I was done with a criminal, and the sheriff who worked in the police department until he retired wanted to plan a crime instead. And my brother always believed in me unconditionally, supported me, and ended up getting a gunshot wound to keep me safe. Even though it’s just a game, it’s really sad.

I think this game is perfect for a big party because it’s like watching a movie with different writers choreographing it together. In this process, you can feel the different personalities, ways of thinking, and new ideas of different people. I’m really looking forward to playing this game with my roommate someday, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun because we get to know each other better and can joke around with each other. We used to play Monopoly together a lot, and some roommates would really want to win but never win, and then the roommate would say he didn’t want to win it was just a game. It always made us laugh because we all knew he was pretending not to care. And Fiasco’s final outcome is determined by the final dice, which means that the outcome will develop in unexpected directions.

I love that there aren’t too many rules in this game, which makes each game and process unique. And the ending of the story is determined by the dice, which means we have no right to decide the outcome. I feel like it’s like real life, all we have to do is enjoy the moment and don’t care too much about how things end. But what I don’t really like about this game is that we need to direct and act. I don’t know why doing this part keeps feeling weird to me. I think it’s fun to watch someone else play it, but it’s weird to play it yourself. And as we ended up discussing after class, it’s still hard to verbalize how the game should be played after the game is over. So if in the future I want to invite some friends to play, I don’t know how to describe how this game works

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 4: Fiasco Week 1

In the fourth week, we played Fiasco, a game with very few rules and props. It’s more like a random set of characters, and then you are the screenwriter to design the plot and you need to act out the plot you designed. I often feel overwhelmed when I first start a game. Because everything is unknown, we roll the dice to get the basic character relationship and the character name of our own decision. Different character relationships can be obtained by choosing the dice, our group has detectives and criminals, the criminals’ brothers work in the bank (but no one knows their relationship), and the bank’s client has a retiring sheriff who wants to rob after retirement Banks and framed the criminals.

Since this is my first time playing this game, I’m really bad at scene design. Whenever it was my turn to design a scene, I thought: oops, what should I do. I think designing the scene at the beginning is also the hardest part of the game because there is absolutely no idea and direction of where things are going to happen. At this time, you need to quickly think of the development direction of a thing and drive everyone to develop in the direction you want. It can be very stressful when you know that everyone is sitting there expecting you to come up with interesting ideas and your mind is empty. I don’t know why there was a voice in my head saying Avada Kedavra. So my scene was when I was a criminal being chased by a detective, we were chased on a train and I turned back and said Avada Kedavra to the detective. After I finished this scene, I wanted to find a hole and immediately dig into it, which was too embarrassing.

I think this game is very suitable for team building, such as a group of familiar colleagues or classmates but usually don’t have much time to chat. This game can quickly enhance mutual understanding and can create some common good memories. Because in the game I have a sibling. Even though we started out as strangers, the amazing thing is that we slowly became like real siblings, we supported and trusted each other. I am very fortunate that my group mates are very friendly, they will be patient and help each other with ideas like how things can turn out or who to meet. I think what’s really interesting is how we bring that into our characters.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 3: Mysterium

Mysterium is the first time I’ve come into contact with a group cooperative reveal type game and it’s a board game. Knowing the rules I thought it was going to be a very complicated and exhausting game, and as I played it with the group, I realized it was more fun than I thought. First of all, everyone has their own identity in the game, and they have to find the corresponding characters, scenes, and weapons according to the tips given to us by the “ghost”. I think the hardest and funniest thing about this game is that we don’t fully understand the cues that ghosts give us, and different people have different interpretations. So when we try to help other people solve puzzles, we are most likely misleading others and getting further and further away from the correct answer.

I think this game is not only suitable for partying with friends, but I think my mother will also like this game very much. This game will also bring a lot of fun to everyone during family gatherings by guessing each other’s thoughts. And at first, I thought each character and other clues were paired and unique. My team and I thought this game couldn’t be played over and over again because you could remember which clue corresponds to which character or scene. At the end of the game, I suddenly realized that the clues the ghost gave us were what he thought would help us, not the only answer. So this game is an endless decryption process. So it really triggers us to think proactively and try to think from the perspective of others.

I absolutely love this game and hope to have a fun way to spend leisure time with my friends and roommates. I believe this not only brings us joy but also develops our understanding of each other’s minds.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 1: Ultimate Werewolf

Werewolf is a board game that is very popular among young people in China. There are so many small businesses around this game. And there are also many stores in the United States that provide locations and professional props to play Werewolf. There are about 20 students participating in this game in our class. I have never participated in a game with so many people before. That means there are a lot of characters that I’ve never dealt with before. This excites me very much because I have a strong curiosity about new things.

In the process of participating in this game in the classroom, I think the most difficult thing is to maintain a clear and logical mind to analyze what everyone is saying. Because all participants are new to me. This meant that I couldn’t tell if other participants were lying by how well they knew them. It’s the hardest at the beginning due to the lack of clues, information, plus every round to vote a player out. When the good guys, which were my faction at the time, voted wrong, it made the game harder because we kept losing teammates. In this case, it is very necessary to have a person with clear logic to lead the team, which is also a very good opportunity for participants to exercise leadership skills because you need to convince other players to believe in you and lead everyone in a short period of time Make the right decision.

At the beginning of the game, I was very quiet, because I was a priest and had the ability to protect others, I didn’t want to reveal my identity too early so the werewolf wanted to kill me. And I try to use this ability when I need it most. That is when the prophet reveals his identity because the prophet is very dangerous at night. But it gets easier when the number of people tapers off because I already have a lot of clues and the number of people counts better.

The advantage of playing this game with a large crowd is that you get to meet a lot of different characters. But there is also a disadvantage of having a large number of people. Because there are too many characters, the night will become very long. All in all, it was a fun gaming experience, and I’m still reminiscing about the class a few days after the game ended.