Game of the Week Blog Reflection 5: Fiasco Week 2

The second week of Fiasco began with determining the tilt. The result was adding a new character investigating a stolen lemonade cart, and one of the the criminals regretting their actions. The two rival lemonade stands now have to deal with legal issues of determining whose cart was stolen. Meanwhile my cousin’s revenge escalated to the point of planning to murder me. However, because of the tilt her plans and accomplices fell apart. The conclusion was interesting as we had to stop some scenes midway and wait for the dice rolls to determine our characters fates. I ironically got the second highest roll despite just having been stabbed, so I recovered fully while my cousin ended up in jail.

A challenge I faced playing Fiasco was that my character mostly existed to assist the story of others. This is entirely my fault as I didn’t establish a motivation for him at the start of the game and just reacted to the other players scenes instead of creating my own plot thread. I did eventually attempt to start one during act two with my character losing a living will. In the end though I felt it wasn’t much more than filler as I was unable to tie it together with the other events of the games. With just a little more planning I feel like I could’ve rounded out the story arc better.

Similar to the first half of the game leadership played an important role when we determined the tilt. Two players were randomly picked to decide what two tilts to use. The potential problem with this is the tilt can affect any or all of the players. One of our two players picking a tilt really wanted the one for someone to have second thoughts. Since this would mostly impact someone else’s character we decided to have a discussion on if they were ok with the change in motivation. As a backup we could have just changed which character had the change but I feel the time we took to discuss the option helped everyone be the happiest from the choice.