Game of the Week Blog Reflection 4: Fiasco Week 1

In class we played Fiasco two weeks in a row. For the first week we played up until the tilt. The hardest part for me was that I had never played a role-playing game before. I tend to be more shy around people I don’t know and it was hard for me to start scenes at first when I was really nervous. I purposely made my character outgoing because I felt I could hide behind that. I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. Aside from that my group chose not to involve a lot of the more risker behaviors that could happen in Fiasco. I wouldn’t have minded to include some of those things because I know it’s just a game and I wouldn’t actually be a murderer or hard core drug addict in real life. 

In our game I had a competing lemonade stand to another player. For most of the game it seemed to revolve around the two of us. Though we made sure all characters interacted with each other and had a part.  

In fiasco I noticed it is important to have a vision for your character or really all of the characters. I think this applies to leadership because it is important for a leader to have a vision and be able to share their vision with their team. 

I think some of my guy friends who already play role-playing games would like to play this game. I am going to suggest they try it and may even join them to see if I enjoy the game more in a comfortable setting for myself. 

Overall, I do not think role-playing games are for me. I did not like the aspect of role playing in this game and the lack of rules. I am definitely more into strategic games. I did share some laughs with my group, but this is not really the game for me.