Game of the Week Blog Reflection 3: Mysterium

Mysterium is the first time I’ve come into contact with a group cooperative reveal type game and it’s a board game. Knowing the rules I thought it was going to be a very complicated and exhausting game, and as I played it with the group, I realized it was more fun than I thought. First of all, everyone has their own identity in the game, and they have to find the corresponding characters, scenes, and weapons according to the tips given to us by the “ghost”. I think the hardest and funniest thing about this game is that we don’t fully understand the cues that ghosts give us, and different people have different interpretations. So when we try to help other people solve puzzles, we are most likely misleading others and getting further and further away from the correct answer.

I think this game is not only suitable for partying with friends, but I think my mother will also like this game very much. This game will also bring a lot of fun to everyone during family gatherings by guessing each other’s thoughts. And at first, I thought each character and other clues were paired and unique. My team and I thought this game couldn’t be played over and over again because you could remember which clue corresponds to which character or scene. At the end of the game, I suddenly realized that the clues the ghost gave us were what he thought would help us, not the only answer. So this game is an endless decryption process. So it really triggers us to think proactively and try to think from the perspective of others.

I absolutely love this game and hope to have a fun way to spend leisure time with my friends and roommates. I believe this not only brings us joy but also develops our understanding of each other’s minds.