Game of the Week Blog Reflection 1: Ultimate Werewolf

Werewolf is a board game that is very popular among young people in China. There are so many small businesses around this game. And there are also many stores in the United States that provide locations and professional props to play Werewolf. There are about 20 students participating in this game in our class. I have never participated in a game with so many people before. That means there are a lot of characters that I’ve never dealt with before. This excites me very much because I have a strong curiosity about new things.

In the process of participating in this game in the classroom, I think the most difficult thing is to maintain a clear and logical mind to analyze what everyone is saying. Because all participants are new to me. This meant that I couldn’t tell if other participants were lying by how well they knew them. It’s the hardest at the beginning due to the lack of clues, information, plus every round to vote a player out. When the good guys, which were my faction at the time, voted wrong, it made the game harder because we kept losing teammates. In this case, it is very necessary to have a person with clear logic to lead the team, which is also a very good opportunity for participants to exercise leadership skills because you need to convince other players to believe in you and lead everyone in a short period of time Make the right decision.

At the beginning of the game, I was very quiet, because I was a priest and had the ability to protect others, I didn’t want to reveal my identity too early so the werewolf wanted to kill me. And I try to use this ability when I need it most. That is when the prophet reveals his identity because the prophet is very dangerous at night. But it gets easier when the number of people tapers off because I already have a lot of clues and the number of people counts better.

The advantage of playing this game with a large crowd is that you get to meet a lot of different characters. But there is also a disadvantage of having a large number of people. Because there are too many characters, the night will become very long. All in all, it was a fun gaming experience, and I’m still reminiscing about the class a few days after the game ended.