Game of the Week Blog: Fiasco Week 2

This week we continued to play the role-playing game of Fiasco again and this time my team got through the tilt and next week we will be wrapping up with the aftermath. We were kind of thrown off track but the loss of one player who was absent this week and the inclusion of a new player. However, it was kind of a blessing in disguise because the new player transitioned into the group without a problem and really developed the character assigned to them. The tilt is the part in the game halfway through where the players with the most dice so far in the game get to add another category and make the game even crazier.

We decided to add two new tilt categories just because and they included role reversal and someone panics. I’d say that once again the hardest part of the game is being creative and coming up with an exciting plotline on the fly. There were moments where I felt inadequate because I thought the other players had much more fun things to say than I did. But we did hit our stride as a team and concluded the tilt with a dramatic flair.

I’d say empathy and the ability to inspire and convince others were the biggest leadership ties this week. Empathy played a key role in this week’s game because the reason we had a new player was that they did not feel welcome in their last group based upon the different identities they hold. So we as a group listened to this person, affirmed them, and then adjusted our RPG consent form so that everyone was felt safe and comfortable. The ability to inspire and convince others was the other leadership skill because those players that had that ability were able to take over the story so that it kept developing and moving forward, we were all able to inspire each other’s scenes, and that lead to quite a Fiasco. I can’t way to see how it all gets resolved and ends in the Aftermath next week!