Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 2

This week, we continued playing the role player game which is called Fiasco. Last week, our group just finished the setup, so this week we begin to create several scenes, and we just get to the tilt.

During the class session, we have only 4 players which we normally have 5. So, we decided to skip the person’s role who is not here. And we started to make scenes, which I think is the hardest part for me, because in this part, you need to be creative so that the whole story can be interesting and making sense. However, I am not a very creativity person and English is not my first language, so this part is the hardest for me. After we finished this part, we decided to stop because we want to wait for the person who was not here to caught up.

For the leadership during this week, I think it is about tolerance and being helpful. For example, when I could not figure out what should I say to create my scene, my group members helped me a lot, they give me some good advice. And we decided not to end the game because we want to wait the last member who was not here. And I think this is relevant to the leadership.

After this week’s class session, I think I dislike this game a little bit, because there are some parts that make me feel awkward. Hopefully the situation will be changed next week!