Ladies And Gentlemen

In this week of class, we played Ladies and Gentlemen in Tabletop Simulator. Setting up the game was a bit hard because the rules were a bit confusing. We spent quite a bit of time going through the rules and understanding how to play the game. We did manage to get through one game, but we kind of cut the game short because we were running low on time. I got to play on the side of the gentleman but did not get to play the other side of the game. I was still a bit confused by the end on how the game worked, and I think we skipped through some of the rules, but we did manage to get through.

                Personally, I think I would like the game a lot more if we were doing it in person and if I had a better understanding of how the game worked. I do like the mechanics of the game because the game basically has two different games within it depending on which side you play. The gentlemen spend the game accumulating money for the ladies and helping them buy a bunch of clothes. The ladies are trying to get a bunch of different clothing pieces that their gentleman can buy and try to win off how many points their clothes are worth.

                The game’s theme is worth talking about in regard to roles and portraying people to fit certain things. The game is set in an older time where it portrays the men as the people who have to make all of the money, and all of the money ends up going towards clothes for the women. The women are portrayed as simply only seeking clothes and fulfilling a theme of beauty. Gender roles have become less generalized today as women are not given the role of housewife as they get older and have become breadwinners in today’s age. We continue to move towards a more diverse world where everybody gains more equality regardless of sex and race.