D&D Week 3

For our ninth week of class, we finished up our D&D game. The session brought us to the end of the cave and got us to what was essentially was the final boss. We got into combat with the character and eventually killed him along with others in the cave. We lost one of our companions run by the DM and left the cave with what we had set out to find. The end of the session was open-ended for our characters, so there is more left to their stories.

                To sum up my entire experience throughout the three sessions, I would say I had a lot of fun. All of the interactions were very unique in that people would say stuff that just bring us in a completely different direction that others may go in when conversing with the characters run by the DM. I felt like every character had a role within the party, and everybody had something to bring to the game. I think the DM did a great job bringing the characters to life and describing the scenarios to us.

                I would recommend this game to a lot of my friends. I feel like this game is a lot more fun to run through if you know the people you are playing with more. This allows for people to have better chemistry when bouncing off each other in conversations and adds to the fun in the game. It may be harder to set up a game with my friends, however, because nobody really has any experience with DMing.