Free Play 2

For our last week of class, we had a free play week. We used this free play session to play Among Us, which went okay. This game is accessible on Steam and on smart phones. We had four people from class in our session, and we played a few games with just us four.  After a while, we moved towards a session that included more players, but the players were not from our class. The game is essentially about crewmates on a ship trying to find imposters within the crew and ejecting them from the ship while the imposters kill crewmates. We were pretty good at running through the sessions, and everybody understood how the game worked.

                My personal opinion is that the game is really fun. However, if you have to play with people you are not familiar with it is not quite as fun. When we played with players not from our class it sometimes resulted in conversations through text with players who may be throwing insults around or being pretty rude. Sometimes it is funny and other times it is a bit unnecessary. With a full group of people you are familiar with the game is really fun because everybody is able to talk to each other and it is easier to get cohesion going between the people in the game.

                I think Among Us is a good game for talking about leadership. Players need to be able to take charge in conversations to try and cooperate with people they believe to be crewmates to try and figure out who is an imposter. This means absorbing a lot of information and dissecting it to figure out what is true and who is lying in the group. Being able to lead in these situations can result in a lot of success.