Free Play (Week 2)

For free play week 2, me and a few other classmates played Among Us. This game is so trendy right now and has been everywhere over social media, yet this was my first time giving it a shot and I had a lot of fun playing. Of course, the first game I was an imposter and I had no idea what to do. In the very first round I used a vent in front of everybody and was called out as an imposter almost immediately, so that didn’t go very well for me. After that though, I started to build an understanding for strategy began to play better. I was only imposter once more throughout the session and ended up winning with another player.

We played in public lobbies to get more players and that was an experience in its own. I recommend turning on censor chat because some people can be straight up toxic nowadays. Other people were really nice and played the game cooperatively which was good to see. I can see why people are honestly addicted to this game. It is simple, it goes by relatively fast, and has a cheeky component of strategy and lying to other players to win the game. You never really know the truth (unless you were by the crime scene) which makes it difficult to pinpoint an imposter.

In terms of leadership, I was not one of them. leadership arises from people that have played this game a lot because they know the map and tend to know where most players were during a round. They help facilitate discussion when a body is reported. They also tend to make fantastic liars when they are imposter. This game was actually very fun and I would recommend it to others, plus, it’s free to play!