Ladies and Gentlemen

This game was my least favorite of all in class. I think it had potential to be more fun but my group seemed rather unmotivated and not many people knew the rules. However, we still managed to laugh and have fun. I played the role of a lady and I think I had more fun this way than playing a gentleman. It’s comical playing the role of the opposite sex and begging my husband (who was a woman) to buy me nice clothes and accessories. There were so many moving pieces on tabletop simulator which made it difficult to keep things organized. The gameplay itself was a little choppy due to server lag which could have been fixed by in person gameplay.

Leaders here, I figured were the women. They were the ones who picked what they wanted and tried to match themselves against other women to ensure they looked better at the ball. However, it was up to the men to acquire enough money to satisfy their lady so leadership shifted around the table at various points in the game.

When it came down to the ball, we couldn’t decide who looked better, so we concluded the game with a draw. That way everybody could feel somewhat accomplished in that they did a good job playing the game. I would need to read over the rules a bit more to ensure a better understanding and a better experience playing this game again. It wasn’t a bad game, it just wasn’t my favorite.