Roll Player

As part of our second week of class, we played Roll Player. This game had a couple of new experiences for me that are interesting to point out that made the experience harder for me than usual games. The first new experience for me was playing within Tabletopia. I had never used Tabletopia before this game session, so I had to kind of learn the software first before getting into the game. The second new experience for me is that I had never really experienced playing board games online, so getting everybody set up for the game from Zoom is kind of a challenge. We did have some difficulties with one of our group members getting into the session, so it did make the session harder to go through.

                In my opinion, I do not really like the game itself. I feel like the concept is very interesting as the game is about building your character and trying to accumulate points through your character sheet. It is like building a D&D character except that is the game. Personally, I feel like I would play this game a couple times but probably not invest any more time in the game as I have more interest in interacting with my character that I have built rather than spending the game building myself up, but never actually using that character.

                You can absolutely see how this game relates to leadership. To me, it means that anybody has their own definition of what it takes to be a leader. Every individual has their own goals and has priorities regarding their characteristics. This mirrors Roll Player, as each player has special skillsets that give them more points than others, and they may want to prioritize that characteristic over others.