Free Play 2

This weeks game play was a free play and my group of 4 chose to play Among Us. I actually downloaded the game as an app on my phone and found it pretty easy to use in this format. Our game play went extremely well and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. We played multiple rounds with different numbers of players each round. We had a chance to type in the chat with strangers and it kept us entertained.

The hardest part about this game was keeping it a secret when given the role of the imposter. Since we all were on the zoom call and chatted throughout the game, often I found myself almost giving away my role or having a hard time speaking when I was the imposter. I really liked that this game was easy to play and easy to learn. I did not know the rules of the game coming in to today and I learned within 5 minutes.

This game ties to leadership because you are part of a team. Whether an imposter or a crewmate you are responsible for making your team win and that requires leading your teammates to success. However, focusing on the enjoyment factor of the game, it was easy to learn and easy to play and allowed for us to chat with each other. If I were to play this game again I would invite my boyfriend to play. I think we both would have a laugh trying to keep it a secret of who is what and messaging others in the chat. Overall it was an enjoyable week!