Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 10: D&D Week 3

This week we continue our journey to the D&D. We have played D&D for three weeks and this week is the final week that we play the D&D. Although I am eager to start a new game, I really want to explore more about D&D world with my team.Finally, we arrive the other side of the bridge. We won a huge Goblin last week. The process is not easy and everyone was injured to varying degrees. Because the battle with the huge Goblin was intense, the wall of the cave got damaged by the spells. After crossing the bridge, we realized the water was pushed into the cave and water swept us out of the cave. Everyone got the damage, and we were separated by water and need to regroup. I need to decide whether to find the rest of the team first or go alone. I believe the most important thing now is to find my team, so i roll the dice and use my spell to find my team.

Although this is a dice game, D&D encourages us to combine the strategy with individuals’ power to make decisions. If without my team, i can not win the Goblin and can not reach the deepest part of the cave. The hardest part of this game is that I need to come out with different ways to solve the problems my team encounters. Although sometimes we need some luck to win the battle, most of the time we need a strategy. A good strategy can help me win the game easily and therefore we don’t need to depend on luck.

The session went well and i think everyone’s idea is excellent. The most impressive thing during the play session was that Grayson successfully find a key that can help us find the final treasury. Although i am bad at rolling dice, i often use strategy to win the battle. For example, i ask team to separate into two parts, one part is responsible for attacking, the other is responsible for healing. i am happy that my team listen my idea and execute my idea during the battle with the huge Goblin. I really like playing with my team because everyone is friendly and helpful when other teammates got trouble.

To sum up, D&D is a team game and people can not only learn what is teamwork from this game, but also can enhance his/her relationship with others.I hope i can introduce this game to my Chienese friends and play with them.