Reflection 6: Ladies & Gentlemen

This week we played Ladies & Gentlemen and when I finished the rules video, my first impression was gender is so important in this game. It is laughing gender stereotypes, that men need to making money in a very daft and flippant way, and ladies are obsessed with fashion and ladies used the money man made to buy beautiful dress, shoes, earrings. I think it is the most traditional stereotype toward gender, therefore I do not agree with this view. Because ladies can be obsessed with fashion but also be independent and make money on our own. But it is also the reality and to see how ancestors used to be, so in one way, the game would also be fun.
And we are using tabletop simulator to play Ladies & Gentlemen, we have half the people playing as ladies, and half the people playing as gentlemen. The tabletop simulator makes the process of the game became little difficult, with moving the cards simultaneously. I am being a ladies role in the game, and I think I have a far tougher but interesting job each of us runs a boutique shop, and every day we can choose what we want to put in the window. Beautiful clothes, lovely caves handbags, and other accessories rings, and servants. And I also can choose where I’d like to go shopping and purchase goods and hand cards to gentlemen. In a hope that they will but me something nice and lovely. The overall process is interesting, and ladies & gentlemen all have different roles in the game. It also related to leadership, since ladies can also be powerful and making our own money, and be independent. When we talked about leadership, not just think about men, but women also account for a big part in it. Ladies can also be the leader in a team, and gentlemen can be supportive, have an equal relationship in a team.
I would like to play this game with my cousin. He is younger than me, and I want him to take the gentlemen’s role, be supportive to ladies. And I think the game can teach him the basic values is to support ladies, but not the stereotypes. I will clarify the stereotypes at the beginning of the game.