Fiasco Week 1

For our third week of class, we played a fun role-playing game called Fiasco. To summarize our session, three of us established our characters, relations, and location through rolling dice, and built a dynamic story completely built by ourselves utilizing our dice rolls. By the end of our session, we had reached the halfway point and had developed conflicts for our characters in their stories. For example, my baseball playing character had been getting away with gambling well but had been getting more complacent with his ability to get away with it.

                I personally enjoyed this game far more than the previous game, Roll Player. The main reason for this is that not only did we get to build characters, but we also got to fulfill the roles of those characters and develop the game past simply making characters. In my opinion, this makes for a more interesting experience for the players. This feels like the kind of game where people can really push their creative boundaries while operating within constraints developed by the game and the player’s ability to tell stories. It really gives the players a lot of freedom in how they tell their stories while also giving them general ideas to build upon. While we did have a lot of freedom, we did establish boundaries we were not comfortable crossing in the game to make the game approachable and more of a comfortable environment. It was a bit harder to play online as I could not really play off other players during the game because I could not see their faces. I kind of expect this to be a theme for multiple board games throughout the semester, but it is what it is.

                I feel like the main elements of leadership in this game were the ability to adapt within the constraints of the game while also identifying on your own who you want to be in the game. The choice is up to the player on how they want to act during the game, but they need to be able to make choices based on relations are established at the start and adapt to the changes in the story as the game develops.