D&D Week 2

For this week, we continued our session of D&D. The session was less of introducing our characters like last week and more about continuing our previously established story. The game session consisted of us coming up with ways to sneak into a cave and make progress through the cave. We had a battle and a couple fun interactions occur. Overall, it went very smooth and we made decent progress in our story.

                Personally, I had a lot of fun in the interactions in this segment. We spent a lot of time talking with other characters inside the cave, and while some of the interactions did not necessarily help us advance through the cave, they were still fun to do. The interactions we had are what kind of make me feel like D&D is unique in its experience.

                For leadership, I would say this segment harps some of the same things from last week. I had some trouble adapting to some conversations in the game as my character, but others did a great job thinking up great things for their character. Playing as your character is a very unique experience that some may be better than others at.