Can’t Stop

For this week of class, we were given two games to play; Can’t Stop and Incan Gold. For our group, we exclusively played Can’t Stop because Incan Gold was apparently not working correctly in board game arena. To summarize this session, there was three of us playing multiple games of Can’t Stop and there was a decent amount of enjoyment throughout. Everybody was able to win at least one game in the session, so it felt like everybody was on an even level.

                I found this game to be very fun, personally. It was a good time sink and very easy to understand the game. Board game arena did make the game a bit easier because you do not have to actually do the math in your head on what your possible choices are. Compare that to playing in a regular setting, I would have to run through all of the possible decisions in my head every time I roll, so while this does make the game a bit easier it does help simplify the game and make it go faster. I think my favorite part about the game is that there is enough random elements in the game to make it so it’s possible for everybody to win, but also allows room for strategy within the randomness.

                This game ties into leadership through the way people account for random elements and how you react to them. Understanding how to deal with situations where you may not be comfortable or completely prepared is important, and sometimes it may backfire against you even if you make a good decision.