Free Play 1

For our free play week, we decided to play Incan Gold to make up for the previous week where we did not get to play it. We played the game in Tabletop Simulator, and the session went pretty smooth. We were able to set up the game pretty quickly, and we were able to play the game with no issues. The game is essentially about collecting gold by going through a temple. Sometimes as you advance through the temple you face a hazard, and if you face enough of that hazard you are forced to leave without any gold. We played for about an hour and a half and results for everybody were pretty all over the place. Personally, I would win some games by quite a bit and other games just have no gold. There were some games where we would immediately start runs with hazards and have to leave at the start.

I personally enjoyed the game. It is similar to Can’t Stop in that you have to take risks in your decisions, and you have to form some sort of strategy around the risks you make. Sometimes you might want to play it safe because others would have less gold, so you do not need to try and get a lot of gold. On the other side, players who are very far behind will try to make large risks to try and catch up. The chances are slim, but you want to do it for a chance at winning.

In regard to leadership, it is very similar to what I had to say for Can’t Stop. The theme revolves around risk taking, and when it comes to being a leader you have to take risks sometimes. As a leader, you need to understand what can happen if you take these risks, and if those risks are worth taking. Sometimes the results are good and other times taking that risk can backfire and you have to understand that.