Game of the Week: Roll Player

For the first game of the class, we played Roll Player. The game itself is a competitive character-building game, with aspects of drafting, strategy, chance, and resource management. In Roll Player, the goal is to build the best character possible using the dice and cards that are randomly drawn. Aspects of the character include their race, class, background, and alignment. In the Market, you can pick up weapons, armor, traits and skills to further augment your character and give you in-game abilities.

Our session faced several difficulties in using the Tabletopia interface, understanding the rules, and communicating with each other. Many of our problems would have been solved by sitting around a physical table, especially because one of our players was having internet issues. Despite this, I enjoyed the concept of the game, and would like to play it someday under more favorable circumstances.

This game offers many perspectives on leadership; the different strengths and strategies needed to accomplish different goals, the ability to roll with random events (no pun intended), and the importance of compromise when working with other people. Because each player has a different race, class, background, and alignment, no two people are working toward the same goal. Luckily, there are many different strategies for gaining points. However, most of these strategies rely on random chance; if you can’t buy your armor when it comes up, or you roll the wrong number on your dice, you may have to be flexible with your strategy. Even worse for a plan is the presence of other people. If someone else takes the die you wanted, you have to be flexible and not get mad at them.