Game of the Week: Roll Player

The game we played this week was Roll Player, and it was a gamified character creator. Personally, I really enjoyed this game. I’ve always wanted to get into Dungeons and Dragons, so making the character creation process into a game was a brilliant idea in my book. Honestly, I feel like the hardest part of the game was figuring out whose turn it was in the beginning. This continued a little bit throughout the game, but we figured it out pretty quick.

I really enjoyed this game. I think it has interesting mechanics, like how you can get more stars if a certain colored die was in a specific position in the row. Additionally, I enjoyed the art style of the game. It had really appealing designs, both for the characters and all of the items. Lastly, I loved that I got a Dragonkin Druid. This is the race and class I’ve always wanted to play, so it was great that Tabletopia had it set up by random chance! Our play session went pretty smooth as well, with everyone getting the hang of how the game worked within a couple turns. It definitely helped that we had Julia, who had played the game many times before.

While playing the game, you can easily see how it ties into leadership in many ways. I think the biggest one that I recognized is that the game gives everyone an equal opportunity to be their own person. You get to make your own decisions, and this might inspire others to make decisions similar to yours. In the game, everyone starts off on equal ground; everyone is just trying to get their stats to where they need to be, which means taking specific actions to get them there. You have to take the lead on making your own person before you can lead anyone else.