Week 1 (Roll Player)

This week we played a game called Roll Player and it was pretty interesting. The game is a basic idea on how to create and character for Dungeons and Dragons and includes elements such as equipment and skills that your character can buy with money, rolling for your character’s stats, and the character’s identity. The character’s identity is an important part of this game that links it together to an idea of leadership.

Leadership is displayed in this game through the player having to make choices about what character traits are important to them. The link is that a good leader also needs to be aware of what traits they want to embody as a leader and how to demonstrate and improve those traits. In Roll Player the job is pretty simple where the player can put specific care into increasing one trait over another through the use of dice, where in real life the growth is a bit more complex.

When I played this game I was sadly unable to finish playing but I was able to discern the mechanic that makes this game most difficult. The mechanic I’m talking about is initiative. This mechanic both determines what dice you get each turn to boost your stats while also determining when in the turn you are allowed to buy from the market. It creates a decision where the player must decide whether buying a certain piece of equipment can be more beneficial later in the game or if it is a better option to just grab the highest numbered die to increase a specific stat for their character. I think this is the hardest mechanic because it is the mechanic with the most decision behind it.

I think this game would be a good fit for anybody looking to get into Dungeons and Dragons that is having trouble making a character, as well as any Dungeons and Dragons player who just enjoys making characters. Due to this I think my brother would love this game because he is always making new Dungeons and Dragons characters with different and optimized traits which this game seems to emphasize as a good option.

In my personal session I enjoyed playing the game after helping explaining some of the rules to another person in my group. I think the game is a good game to play with a group of friends and can either be played with the end goal of winning or just casually with the idea of what strategies could be most interesting. Overall I liked the game and would play it again if the opportunity presented itself.