GOTW: Betrayal at the House on the Hill

The third game we played during EDL 290 was called Betrayal at House on the Hill. Betrayal is a game where players begin by cooperating with one another in order to explore a haunted house. Each turn a player will move to explore new rooms and collect items or omens. When a player tiggers an omen, it has the potential to start the second phase of the game. The phase where one player betrays the rest of the players and works to kill them. Fortunately, I was the traitor in this game and it was interesting to see the dynamics of the other players change as they worked to beat me.

The hardest part of this game was the strategy. While it is true that it is a cooperative game in the beginning, and thus it helps to help the other players, it is also true that no one knows when the traitor will be revealed, or if you are prepared to stop them. As such, one must also keep in mind that one has to make sure that they themselves are properly equipped and make choices that are beneficial to them, but also be aware that true leadership comes is formed when your teammates can trust you. One does not want to burn bridges, or disadvantage a potential teammate either, otherwise, one’s self interest can lead to the downfall of the team.

I think this is a game my friend Angus would enjoy. He is a kind of person who enjoys the intricacies and complexities of games and figuring out the appropriate steps to take. He would really enjoy playing through all the different scenarios and experiencing each haunt.