GOTW: Hanabi

The second game we played in EDL 290 was called Hanabi. A cooperative card game with a simple objective– players must create the perfect fireworks show by placing the cards on the table in the right order. The trick, however, is that each player can only see the cards of the other players hands, and not their own Moreover, the other players can only give him ambiguous hints as to what card to play that will assist in completing the teams objective. Players must act as a team in order to win the game, and if they cannot, then they will lose after 4 mistakes.

The hardest part about this game is that one must be able to listen carefully and trust/cooperate with the other players in the game whom you may have never met until sitting down to play. With the handicap of not being able to see ones own cards, players must learn how to cooperate with each other to reach a shared goal.

Cooperation and teamwork are an essential part to leadership. Leadership is more than just the ability to take control, or to organize others. Rather, leadership encompass the ideals of listening to your teammates and trusting their own judgement to complete your shared objectives. Hanbai is a game where one has to trust the others around them and listen carefully to one’s teammates.

This game would be a perfect game to play as an icebreaker to incoming first-years. It is a simple to learn game that will allow players who may not know each other, get to talk and learn from one another and they can take that with them as they continue on in the residence halls.