week 1 reflection (Ultimate werewolf)

In this week’s class, we have tried a board game called “Ultimate werewolf”. In this game, we will have multiple warewolves players that are trying to kill all other players who plays villagers or other good characters that has special abilities.

I was consider lucky enough to be the killer (warewolf) and me and my warewolf fellows have eventually outplayed the villagers. I found the game somewhat interesting in playing for two reasons. First, I am the killer so I don’t need to worry about being killed in most of the situations and I don’t need to guess who is the bad guy. Second, I have actual roles to play in the game like other good characters which has abilities, I consider many other players who only got the villager card to be unlucky because there is nothing they can do besides sleeping during the night.

Although, I consider this game to be totaly luck envolved and has no real challenge in logic thinking and information collecting, it was still very interesting to see that I can create deceptions or missleading other players to vote out one of their own. Also, I was able to practice leadership knowledges during the game. For example, when one player has been nominated I can follow the guy who nominate this player and starting from this point, many other will follow us with no questions.