Leadership’s Like a Game Reflection

Nick Porter

Leadership has many different characteristics involved. There is not a simple definition of leadership because it can take a wide range of forms. However, there are several qualities that are consistently important for a leader. Leaders usually have a sense of authority. They control and manage groups or situations. Possibly the most important quality in a leader is that they influence others. All of these qualities are also important in a game. That is why leadership is like a game.

            Authority is very common in leadership. Leaders often take initiative within a group or situation and they make sure they get done what they want to get done. This is the same when playing a game. You are the leader in a game because you have power when it is your turn and you have to make decisions. Leaders make decisions on a daily basis and they have to use their power to take control of circumstances. Authority is important in a game and for leaders because they you must have it to achieve a certain goal.

            Leadership often involves a lot of management and control. Leaders have to manage all of their resources and run things a certain way. In a game, there are often several things you have to manage such as cards, powerups, money, resources, etc. A game requires control over everything you own, and you have to manage things well in good shape at the end. Just like in a game, leaders have to manage their resources wisely or things can get out of control quickly.

            Finally, one of the most important qualities in leadership is influence. Leaders must have influence over others in order for them to follow the leader and achieve their goals. A game often requires influencing your opponent into making a mistake. You want your opponent to think they are doing something right when they are actually doing something wrong. A leader with good influence is able to convince a group of people to work hard do what you want them to do. In a game, good influence will cause your opponent to do something you want them to do which ultimately helps you win. If you can obtain the qualities of a good leader, you can utilize them to help you succeed in a game.