Game of the Week Blog: Incan Gold and Can’t Stop

To start this off, I think Incan Gold is the best game I have played since the start of this class. I love this kind of game. Gambling to go further in the game and reap more rewards or fail. Or taking it safely and reaping smaller rewards. Both of the games this week were more or less about this sort of theme. Can’t Stop and Incan Gold are at their core games about gambling it all with the possibility of losing everything or taking a smaller haul with less value.

So I think the hardest part about these games is the same thing as every week for me. A few of the members in the group didn’t watch the videos and we have to spend a little more time explaining the game. This week we had to do it twice so we got a little bit of a disadvantage in completing the games. Other than that I think the games weren’t too hard to grasp in total. Though I did think that Incan Golds theming was more fun than just the bland snowy mountain. I grew up being a big fan of Indiana Jones which seemed like what inspired Incan Gold, so I do have my biases.

Leadership in Incan Gold was sort of funny. The leader was the person who chose first each round whether or not they would continue forth down the cave. We were unable to do the flip at the same time because some people didn’t understand the game and because it was all done online so we did it in turns. The first person usually dictated what they wanted to do then a lot of people followed them. For Can’t Stop, I think the leadership aspect in that game was in determining yourself if you wanted to risk it to get further than your peers. I will say that during my game I was heckling the other players when they were up as a joke, trying to make them take bad decisions (extremely fun might I say) but a lot of the time they didn’t take my bait. We never actually finished Can’t Stop during the class session so I might be a little biased towards the 3 or 4 games of Incan Gold we played. But I think that Incan Gold was definitely the better game of the two.