D&D Week 1 Reflection

This week we played the popular roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. The setup consisted of five players using the free software Roll player and a standard 7 dice set. Js was our dungeon master who is leading us through the quest while also playing the adorable goblin named Magglub. My character is a high elf sorcerer who joined the quest because she was bored and wanted to prove to herself and her noble family that she can be independent. In my opinion, the hardest part of the game is the roleplaying aspect. I am completely new to D&D but learning how to use the dice set and roll is pretty easy to catch on to. I had trouble being vocal at my party and just being vulnerable and willing to have fun. I think part of that issue stems from being shy and it’s harder to engage in conversation through zoom than in person. I’m playing with friends in class so I think next week I’ll try harder to bounce off of their dialogue and make the game even more interesting.

I recommended the game to my brother because I feel like if anyone I know would be interested in D&D it’s him. My family is religious and aren’t comfortable with the whole magic aspect and are also put off by the stereotypes that surround roleplaying games. When I asked my brother if he wanted to play with me sometime he said “isn’t that like a nerdy game”. I replied that it didn’t have to be and that D&D isn’t what he thinks it is like the nerdy group of friends in Stranger Things playing in their basement. He’s open to the idea so we will see what happens.

I think some leadership aspects of the game include when certain characters sort of taking charge of the party and help guide the narrative or where the quest takes them next. I think it also has to do with the way you present your character and their behavior. In the game, I was much more aggressive and violent than I am in person, I took control of my alternate personality. I look forward to seeing more ways leadership has an influence on gaming in the upcoming weeks of D&D.