Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Incan Gold and Can’t Stop

This week, we played two games during the class session. They are called Incan Gold and Can’t stop. For the Incan Gold, the whole round has five small rounds, for each small round, players will decide to continue their adventure to gain more golds or quit to make sure they do not lose their golds for this small round. After these five small rounds, the player who owns the most golds win the game. For the Can’t stop, players had to roll four dices and add each two of them up as they want. Players will move their pawns based on the numbers (sum) they get, each number has a column and the player who reaches the top of any three number’s columns will win the game.

During the class session, our group first played the game Incan Gold. I think the hardest point of playing Incan Gold is you need to think whether to take risks to gain more golds or quite to maintain your golds, and you also need to think what other players will do. For example, in the second small round, one of our group members decided to quit when we met the first hurdle, because the rule is if you met the same hurdle twice, you will die and you will lose all the golds you gain during this small round. Me and another player decided to continue until we met the second hurdle, but this is not the same as the first hurdle. So, another group member decided to quit because we already met two different hurdles, and the risk of continuing becomes double. However, I am a person who likes to take risks, so I chose to continue, fortunately I gained 11 more golds in the next scene, since I was the only player left, I got all the 11 golds. However, on the fourth round, I lost all my golds for the round because I took the risks.

For the game Can’t stop, I think the hardest point is also to make a good strategy of taking risks. In this game, there are some short columns like 2 and 12 which only have 3 or 4 steps to win, but 2 and 12 are very difficult to get. There are also some long columns like 6,7, and 8, which need 8,9 or 10 steps to win. So, making a good strategy about the combination of high-risk columns and low-risk columns are very important. One of our group members did a great job on this, he chose the columns of 4, 8, and 12, which included high-risk column (12), low-risk column (8) and the middle-risk column (4), and he won this game during the session.

I think these two games went very well in our group. We all had a great time during the class sessions. As the same of other classmates said, I also think that Incan gold might be a little bit more interesting than Can’t stop since it has a sense adventure but not just count the sum of two dices.

I think the leadership aspects of these two games are the ability to keep calm thought and the courage to take risks. As a leader, you must keep a calm thought when you make choices because your decisions will influence not only you but the people around you. Leaders should always make the choices based on the situation they are in, so it is important to keep calm when you make choices. A leader also needs to have the courage to take risks when it is necessary, because leaders should always take the responsibility of failure.