What Type of Gamer Am I?

I have never been much of a board game player. I play every once in a while and only in social settings. I am never one to suggest playing a board game, but I am willing to if I see that we can have good fun out of it. After taking this test I learned a lot about what my motivation is to play board games compared to others.

In the first category, I received a 37% conflict and 74% social manipulation. I have never been a very competitive person. I think playing with very competitive people usually takes the fun out of it for me. I look to have fun and laugh while playing board games instead of trying to win. Social manipulation scored high because I think it is fun to bluff or deceive the other players. It’s different from being competitive because you can laugh about tricking your friends and it makes the game interesting.

In the next category, I received a 18% strategy and 4% discovery. I tend to prefer more relaxed games with less cognitive challenges involved. I like more fast-paced games that don’t require a lot of pondering for each move. Discovery was my lowest score on the test and that is because I don’t like to take the time and learn complex game mechanics. I prefer traditional gameplay that is easy and familiar.

Next, I received a 60% immersion and 44% aesthetics. I definitely enjoy immersion in board games and other aspects of entertainment. I want to feel like I am a part of something that is out of this world. Having the ability to become a character while playing a boardgame is fun, but I don’t want to spend the time learning an extensive background or complex stats about my character. To me, aesthetics is a plus, but it is not necessarily important. I feel that aesthetics helps a little bit with immersion so I will never complain about that.

Finally, my highest score on the test is a 84% social fun. This is my main reason why I’d participate in a board game. I enjoy having fun with other people. It is not about winning to me, but just enjoying the process with friends and having a good laugh. I also scored a 58% cooperation because I believe it can be fun to work together with your friends to reach a common goal. It is always satisfying when you work with someone else to beat another group of people. Even though I scored low on conflict, working with someone else can really enhance the social fun aspect of a board games when you are cooperating with your peers.