Game of the Week Blog Reflection 5: Fiasco Week 3

This week in Tabletop Leadership, we continued playing Fiasco. In this session, we were able to complete Act 2 and the Aftermath. The hard part about this week was the wrapping up the storyline. I am not very good at making up stories, but my playmates did a good job helping me through it. I tended to have my character only experience bad things. I ended up with all black die and my tilt choice was “Something bad will change your life forever”. This caused my character to not have a happy ending at all and he ended up in jail.

Overall, the play session of Fiasco over the last 3 weeks was a really good time. I enjoyed the story we came up with because my playmates had really great ideas. I probably wouldn’t play again just because it isn’t my style of game, however, if I were to play again I would be able to come up with a much better story now that I have a good feel for the game. I would recommend this game to my friends that are very creative. I mentioned my friend Alex in the previous weeks but I think it would be good for any of my friends who have a creative mind. You can really come up with some intricate stories if you play with creative people.

This game ties to leadership because you can really take control of the group if you choose to do so. That is something I needed work on because I couldn’t figure out how to move my character’s story along. A good leader would be able to develop the story in a way that they want to because they have to influence the group and how the rest of the story unfolds.