Game of the Week: Free Play 2

For this session, I grouped up with a few others to play the popular game “Among Us.” This is a fun video game where you and your crew are in space and your goal is to do tasks around the ship. However, the twist is that there are impostors on the ship who want to kill all the regular crewmates.

Our play session went alright. There were 6 of us in the group, which is enough for a full game (usually with only one person being the impostor), but it got kinda boring with just the 6 of us. We eventually opened the lobby up to the public, which is always an interesting experience in this game. We got a few bad apples that joined, but we kicked them as soon as we were able and played with the people who were cool. Something else that was fun to help with was that two of the people in our group had never played the game, so we had to teach them about it.

Overall, this was a very chill week. I’ve played the game before, and I really enjoy it, but if I had to recommend it to someone, I think I would recommend it to my friend Benny who might enjoy it. The hardest part of the game wasn’t actually hard but more frustrating and funny when one of the new players exposed me as the other impostor. I think leadership ties into this game in the way that leaders still need to do everyday tasks/challenges and they aren’t always exempt because they’re a leader.