Game of the Week: Free Play 1

For this session, we had a week to play whatever game we wanted. For my game, I grouped up with 4 other people and we played a one-shot RPG called “Lasers and Feelings.” This was an RPG about a crew of adventurers on a space ship trying to tackle an evil threat while the captain was healing.

Our play session went pretty well and I had a lot of fun! I’d definitely recommend this to my friend Austin, who loves sci-fi and RPGs. What I loved was that we got to choose our characters and what they looked/acted like. I got to play a what was definitely not a dragonborn, because he had wings! We introduced our characters to each other and figured out how we all knew each other in game. The game went pretty smoothly, but the ending was a tad rushed since we didn’t have enough time to figure out exactly how we had beaten the evil threat but it was defeated nonetheless!

I thought the game was decently easy (after having experience from playing Fiasco). The hardest part was at the beginning, when a couple of us were confused on whether our rolls landed due to them having to be either above or below our lasers or feelings characteristic. This game relates to leadership in the way most RPGs do. It lets you be the person you’ve always wanted to be, and lets you take charge in situations you might not normally be in.