Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 9: D&D Week 2

This week we are continuing our play of D&D. This game is quite interesting now as we dig into the story. After training of the first week,I think I am now familiar with the game setting and I am ready to move further. Continuing where we stopped from last week, we roll the dice and snake into a black cave. There are some lights on the wall so we can see what is in the cave. When we reach the part where there are no lights, we use dark vision. We encounter a huge Goblin at the end of the cave. He seems not friendly to us and prepares to attack us through his hammer. After a short discussion, all my groupmates want to fight with him. Grayson uses intimidation to reduce Goblin’s armor, Xinpen throws a fireball, and I, as a Warlock, make medicines to heal the team. After a short fight, we decide to use deception to force the Goblin from a Union with us. However, we underestimate the Goblin’s determination. He does not want to join us and instead, he attacks us again. The game of this week ends as we kill this Goblin and across a bridge to the other side.

I like the battle parts of this game becasue I think the battle parts are exciting. We not only need to calculate the damages based on our attributions, but also need to consider strategies. For example, two people cast spells, one person make healing medicine and one person uses intimation or other spells to reduce the enemy’s armor. However, there is one part that I don’t like, that is the process rate. i think we spent too much time discussing, so the process is very slow compared to the other teams. Therefore, i help my teammates make decisions sometimes when they are hesitating. I think every time when i help team make decision, i show my leadership to them.

The game session went well. Everyone tried his/her best to contribute something to the team. We discuss the strategy with happiness. I really want to know what will happen as we move deep into the cave.