Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 1/2

For week’s one, two, and three we played the game Fiasco. I was completely unfamiliar with the game and how to play and so that was the biggest challenge overall. I played with Alyssa, Grayson, and two other students who fluctuated in and out of the game. My character was a plumber who was non-binary, different from my own pronouns which are she/her, so that was also a bit challenging as people would often misgender me, unintentionally, as they forgot to call me by my character’s name or would address me as ma’am.

This game was amazing for leadership as it was completely improv and roleplay and therefore everyone involved had the freedom to include themselves in a situation, i.e. starting or resolving a situation. Another way leadership factored into this was when it came time to determine whether a situation was resolved or not and whether to give a character a positive or negative token, in which most cases we couldn’t agree and someone would eventually decide for the sake of progressing the game/storyline.

I think this game would be really enjoyable for a lot of people, age groups, and is non-detail specific in that each individual decides how much to reveal about their character, including their backstory, and can limit their involvement in the story if they are more into being a group member rather than a leader for that specific situation.

All of our sessions went very well, the storyline was really fun to build, and as we got more comfortable with our accents and remember each character’s names and pronouns, the game was quite enjoyable. There were a few moments where it felt as though I was playing a game with a group of my closest friends and there were no fears of embarrassment or judgment whatsoever.