Incan Gold and Can’t Stop

This week we played Incan Gold and Can’t Stop. We first started with the game Can’t Stop and we just can’t stop to play it. The game is like have a magic let us really Can’t Stop, the game is very interactive, addictive and so easy to understand so we all really enjoy playing it. I don’t think both of the game are hard or difficult to play but I think the most interesting one is Can’t Stop.

After the first round of the game Can’t Stop, everyone in our groups understands the rules and fully enjoy it. When one of our member is close to win, we will gives him hints and encourage him not to stop keep going with it. Since at the beginning of the game, the pieces are placed randomly, but once put all three pieces on the board, we will needs to consider to keep going or we should stop. And as the game processes, we found out the numbers that add up to 6,7, and 8 have the greatest probability but they also need more steps to get to the top. If we play our pieces in one of these three ways, we needs to take more shots. But if I am in path like 2 or 12, I better to hold on to my strength and hope I can have 2 or 12 next time. So it is really important to understand the strategy behind the game Can’t Stop, because it will not only make you win the game but also understand what kind of approach I would use in risk management. 

Since the game Can’t Stop is a risk management game and it can reflect my approach toward risk. Personally, I am a very cautious people, no matter how close I am to the top, I will choose to stop when I feel risk. But the disadvantage about that is I will lost the chance to win, it happened few times when we played the game. If you are too cautious, other people who willing to take risk might win. It is similar with what I approach in leadership, I am not willing to take risk. So I need a balance between risk taking and safety. 

We are having so much fun with the game Can’t Stop, so I am definitely recommended my roommates to play with me. And we will be really competitive and Can’t Stop the game.