What Type of Gamer Am I?

For the course, EDL290T, I took an assessment. This assessment analyzed my opinions about different kinds of games. This assessment took into consideration what makes me interested in a game. This involved myself answering prompts about how things such as design, theme, goal, gameplay, and more affect my interest in a game.

            The results of this assessment indicate that I prefer games that involve Conflict and Social Manipulation the most when compared with games involving characteristics such as Strategy, Aesthetics, Social Fun, and others. The following are my results for each of the eight categories in order of the lowest to the highest percentage match, and the number designates to what percent I fit into the category:  Immersion, 12%; Discovery, 14%; Cooperation, 20%; Aesthetics, 22%; Social Fun, 27%; Strategy, 38%; Conflict, 68%; and Social Manipulation, 74%.

            I think these results are interesting. I would agree with many of my results. Things like Aesthetics (22%) are not very important to me in games. While Aesthetics are nice and make a game more appealing, a game does not need to have superb Aesthetics for me to enjoy it. On the higher end, I would also agree about my Social Manipulation percentile (74%). I really enjoy games that involve independent thinking and forcing players to think about how they can outsmart and overcome other players. My favorite game is The Resistance, which I feel falls into this category of having to outsmart other players. I was surprised that my score for Strategy, 38%, was as low as it is. I would have expected myself to get a higher percentile. Similar to Social Manipulation, I enjoy games that force me to think about the gameplay.

           I appreciate that this website was brought to my attention. I think it is really cool how this website analyzed my preferences for games. I would say that overall, and for the most part, this assessment accurately portrays who I am as a gamer! Try taking the assessment for yourself! Here is the website! https://apps.quanticfoundry.com/surveys/answer/tabletop/