Life-Sized Clue Game

By Sam Belkowitz


Someone ate the last piece of cake in your household. It is your job to find clues and discover who the culprit is!


  • Potential evidence: fork, plate, knife, glass of milk
  • Notebooks for each player
  • Dice for every player
  • Cards with each player, room, and possible evidence

This edition uses Mom, Dad, Oldest Sister, Next Oldest Sister, Myself, Fork, Knife, Plate, Glass of Milk, Family Room, Kitchen, Main Bathroom, Basement, Dining Room, Living Room, the Study, and the Porch.


Place the pieces of evidence in different rooms in the house. Randomly select a card from each of the three categories (who, what, and where) and place on the kitchen table. Shuffle the remaining cards and distribute them to each player. In your notebook, cross out your cards. Mom always goes first, continue from oldest to youngest.


Each player starts in their bedroom. Roll two dice. Take the amount of steps you roll. When you are in a room, you can make a claim for what happened to the cake. Guess the room you are in, the player you think ate the cake, and what they ate the cake with. The player who goes after you will inform you if any of their cards match your accusation. If they have a card that matches, they show only one, and the accuser crosses the card off of their list. If the next player does not have that card, the accusation moves to the next player, and so on. If a player has a card that matches part of your suspicion, then you know what is on that card was not involved in the crime.


If a player believes they know the details of the crime, they need to go to the kitchen table. If their accusation matches the cards on the table, they win. If they do not win, gameplay continues until someone wins. The player that incorrectly guessed cannot win.


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