Gaming and the Greater Good

I think Candy Land would be a cool game to remake with a social justice theme. I enjoy the simplicity of the game. Instead of colors, I would have the spaces be different topics such as race, gender, sexuality, other identities, and more. I would then have corresponding cards. On a player’s turn, they would draw a card and move to the next corresponding space. The goal would be to reach the end of the path to equality and inclusion. The players could use pieces designed to be influential people such as Martin Luther King Jr. Candy Land is known for its art on the board. The board could be redesigned to show images of influential protests and people of different eras. As players progress through the board, they move more from history into modern times. I think this is a cool idea that could be used to teach social justice to younger people. I never knew the term “social justice” until I was in high school. This game could be used to get kids thinking about this concept when they are young. Young people are the future leaders of the world. Social justice is really important. I think it is really important that people are educated about social justice because social justice promotes diversity and inclusion. It is important that all people are treated fairly. I think this game would be a good way to educate children about the history and ideas of social justice!